Hello!Here I am. Gong Ziyi


Education experience

2016-           Information Art&Design. Tsinghua University. Master's degree

2012-2016   Information Art&Design. Tsinghua University. Bachelor's degree     Top 1.

2013-2016   Economics. Tsinghua University. Bachelor's degree(Double degree)


Work Experience

2016.3-            Rational Design. Co-founder. User experience Designer

Design Director of  "Forbidden City community" App, "USEUS.CN" Web. Participated in the Didi ChuXing , Red Dot Venture, Mocking Bot, New Oriental Education , Beijing Design Week and many other important enterprises' products. I played an important role in user research and user experience design.

2015.7-2015.9 Tencent. ISUX. Beijing. Interaction Designer

Designed motion UI in iPad QQ and Android Pad QQ. It was a new version when I joined in Tencent. There were many features could be improved. I made the design principles, organized motion design list. Sort out UI motion movement curve, improved the reusability of design and development.

2014.6-2014.9 Alibaba. B2B UED. Hangzhou. Interaction Designer

Interaction Design, motion UI design and User Research were my major Works. Did 3 times presentation to my group, which conveyed many new design methods, I can quickly prototype using origami and principle. Which can help me to validate my design.

I fully involved in the User research of Daily Provisions Exhibition in Shanghai. I have profound understanding of business users. I participated in the work of questionnaire, user interview, and designed User Journey Map. which is important for iteration of products.

I took a lot of interaction detail optimization, planned the game of "three civilization" won 2014 alibaba hackathon 1st prize.



2016-           清华大学美术学院.信息艺术设计系 交叉学科 硕士

2012-2016   清华大学美术学院.信息艺术设计系 信息设计 本科 Top1

2013-2016   清华大学经管学院.经济系 经济学 本科 二学位



2016.3-            理设计工作室.联合创始人.用户体验设计师


2015.7-2015.9 腾讯.ISUX 社交用户体验设计部.交互设计师

参与iPad QQ 和 Android Pad QQ的交互设计,在iPad QQ的新版本中主导动效设计,研究并制定了iPad QQ动效曲线设计规范和开发文档,提升了iPad QQ的动效设计的可复用性和开发效率。

2014.6-2014.9 阿里巴巴.B2B UED.交互设计师

参与手机阿里巴巴的用户研究、交互设计与动效设计,通过快速原型设计能力为项目多次展开验证与设计迭代。参与2014上海日用百货展会,对B类用户展开专业的用户研究,产出的用户体验地图促进了阿里巴巴云展会项目的进展。招募并主导了“三体文明”项目获得B2B UED极客松一等奖。